U2 – Bass Trap

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Bass Trap – and this is not the edited version as you can find on the 1980-1990 B-Sides – has been released on the «The Unforgettable Fire» single in 1985.

I always wanted to listen to the full version of this song so I searched and searched and searched for ages… Was really hard to find. o.O Seems like I really have a predilection for songs of the Unforgettable Fire Era (yeah, I adore this record so much!).

Everytime I listen to this song makes me think of lying in a flower meadow on a warm day in spring. I dunno why, but that must me the reason why I love this song so much and I decided to decorate it with pictures taken with my beloved but now broken Photosmart R707 :'( miss it.

Anyways, enjoy ^^

DISCLAIMER: Music does not belong to me.


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