Talk Talk – IT’S SO SERIOUS – 1982

Kissintime Music
Stranger Than Kindness
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Album : The party’s over
Piste : 2
Année : 07.1982

I’ve given everything
With nothing in return
I’m filled with images
That play on every word
No one to tell me
There’s a cloud before my eyes
Not only broken
I don’t know the reason why

It’s so serious

This endless sea of tears
A feeling that I’ll drown
I’d try to catch them
But they’re sure to touch the ground
My world of emptiness
A child without a toy
Forgiving anything
Restore me to my joy

It’s so serious

Paroles : Mark HOLLIS

Musique : Mark HOLLIS – Simon BRENNER – Paul WEBB – Lee HARRIS


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