Simple Minds – Ghostdancing

Kissintime Music
This Is Your Land
Simple Minds

In my opinion the best song of the fantastic Simple Minds’ album, Once Upon a Time (1985). Simple Minds most better than the best. Lyrics:
Cities, buildings falling down,
Satellites come crashing down.
I see them falling out the skies like eagles,
All mirrored glass and shattered egos.
But in a corner of the world we’d meet to laugh and drink and plan our sequels.
‘Cause in the alleyways and bars downtown,
They’re singing up from here to there can we go.
This city comes alive at night, see these city walls are heaving.
And if these old city walls should crash, amid the rubble you’d find us breathing.
Come say what you see in me,
‘Cause boy, I believe in you.
Come say what you’re seeing,
All gone just ghost dancing,
Going all the way through.

You talk about the Lebanon,
You tell me ‘bout the Dawn in Eden.
You talk about South Africa,
I tell you about the Irish children.
You say one more Polish Knight could come and blow away the doors to freedom,
And if Mother Ethiopia could blow away the tears that we see run.

O blow them away,
Blow, blow away.
We Will blow them away,
O blow, blow away.
Blow, blow away.
Blow, blow away.

Come say what you see in me,
‘Cause boy, I believe in you.
Come say what you’re seeing,
They’re all gone just ghost dancing, going all the way through.

You know I believe in you,
Oh yes I believe, you know I believe in you.
You say you believe,
I believe, I believe, going all the way through, yeah.
Come take me back home, come on and take me away,
Ghost Dancing.

The car pulled up, the girl she jumped in,
The boy he wore a medal that was shining from his skin.
With the windows pulled up, their radio tuned in,
She’s hitting from the stars, he’s hitting for the moon.
She said, one last kiss while you look across the land,
Move it into overdrive and take me by my hand.
When the car broke, the rebels saw smoke,
And they all went to heaven in a stupid fantasy,

Take me away.


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